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Struggling to Delegate?

delegation montana Apr 02, 2024

From the desk of Klark Brown. No AI was used in the creation of this article


Delegation can be harder than CARDIO

In today's blog, we would like to address the difficulty of delegation in small and growing companies. We have a framework of 5 Leadership Abilities that we think may address a few and clear the path for you to not only delegate but have a team that is excited about the opportunity.

R[OS]™️ is our own proprietary program that uses this framework and many others to build a simpler and predictable business model that scales and grows. 




 Delegating is not a default for most people, especially in a business built around specialty skills. Most times, the founder or leadership has been doing what the company produces for a long time. But training is not a natural skill either. 


The first step is creating a strong Accountability Chart. What are the roles (not the people) and what are those roles responsible for doing and creating?

Unfortunately, this need to delegate becomes stronger after a company nears or surpasses $800,000 or more. 

When the number of decisions begins to limit the output, leaders start to experience serious burnout and even Entrepreneurial Depression. 


When our clients begin to realize that there is another way and that this pressure is 100% avoidable, they begin to use our Delegation tool. 




 When our clients start to see the struggle with delegation appear, the barrier is most often not having the right people in the right seats. They hire the wrong people without the key characteristics that match the company's mission/ vision/ and core values. 


They want something for sure….but it might not be the same thing you and your company are trying to do. They have a different destination. 


Good humans but not those that need to be on our boat. This doesn’t lean into the GGOTO- Greater Good Of The Organization.

If allowed to stay too long, they can begin to frustrate those that belong and they may look for a new journey.

Coach up or Coach out. 




Without a clearly defined and repeatable process, leaders often think it’s easier to continue doing it themselves. You don’t have it written down and shared with the entire team so they can enjoy the process of delivering what THEY love. 


Leaders often do tasks they HATE, but since it's not recorded, they must keep it. That doesn't help when they get sick or need to take time away. The business suffers and things often grind to a halt. 


Hand-in-hand with process problems is the need for more data. If we do not have data that proves the taks accomplishes a desired outcome, we are often stuck in the “let’s just figure it out” mode, which gasses certain personality types out. 

You need good data to show that those in their positions are actually doing great work and are a part of the organizational optimization. Then they begin to feel confident in passing off more tasks so they themselves can do more meaningful high-level tasks. 


SOLUTION: As a leader, sit and begin documenting the most critical core processes, including who is accountable and what right/ done looks like. Once you have done this, they become followed by all and the data starts to point to the results the organization needs to survive and thrive. 


TIP: Start rough then go ninja. Your first is never the final. 




Remember; When the leader is ready, the employees have been ready. 

Ready means simply admitting you are doing your level best but the team, company, and results mean more than any one person.


Ego has killed more dreams than Freddy Kreuger.


Ego hides the ability to listen and accept that there are other ways to do things beyond what we know.
The fact that most leaders get a boost by being or appearing to be the smartest room doesn’t help.

There is also an alternative in the Ego realm; Too Little Ego. Leaders can reframe the suffering in their role as doing their team a favor by not making them do my thing. 

I heard it said once that when we do not delegate we are a THEIF. We are essentially stealing the dreams of those we recruit and not allowing them to grow and fulfill their own potential and dreams. 

Let’s avoid that.

At Restoration Advisers, we are experts at helping RESTOPRENEUR™️ see their own hidden flaws and build new habits. 




So, are you ready to own this? R[OS]™️ was designed specifically to help you and others move from WRT --to-> CEO. The tools and playbook to build the company you love with the people that you love doing it with.

Asking for help with matters like delegation is a gift to each and every team member, customer and the organization itself. The highest potential is them achieved. 

If you are ready to see if R[OS]™️ will work for you, apply at and have a simple tailgate conversation with coaches that do this for companies just like yours with people just like you.


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