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Restorers Enduring Tyranny

apa client onboarding insurance Feb 22, 2024

Restorers enduring tyranny paints a bleak picture of the future.


In the restoration industry, a quiet yet consistent form of tyranny has crept into our daily operations, often masquerading as "standard practice." How do we stand up for fairness, both for ourselves and our clients?


The Problem


At its core, the tyranny in the restoration industry is about control and unfair negotiation practices. We often find ourselves pressured to accept rates and terms that are not just unprofitable but also unjust. These pressures do not come from our clients or contractual agreements, but from external parties who wield undue influence over the process.




What's most alarming is that we accept it. It’s a disturbing picture of how, when faced with authority – legitimate or not – we can falter in defending our rights. This acceptance paints a bleak picture of our industry, where professionals are regularly coerced into unfair agreements, often at the expense of our (companies) wellbeing.


The Power of Standing Up


The first step in combating this form of tyranny is recognizing the power and importance of standing up for yourself. It's about having the courage to be disliked by those who, in reality, have no stake in the health and safety of your clients or employees. This courage is not just a personal trait but a professional duty. Have the courage to be disliked. You can not please everyone. Focus on those who actually matter.


Here is a list of key areas where tyranny manifests:


  1. Fair and Reasonable Rates


One of the key areas where this tyranny manifests is in the negotiation of rates after work is complete. One of the ways that you can spot a tyrant is when they redefine things. For example… estimates are forecasts of prices and scope BEFORE work starts. Invoices are documenting work that was completed, and the price associated with the work that was completed already. Insurance companies have redefined estimates to fit their narrative and lead restorers to believe that negotiations AFTER work is complete is justified.  Restoration professionals should be paid a fair and reasonable rate for their services. Your rate should be determined by the agreement between the service provider and the client – the actual signatories of the contract. External parties, especially those with no legal authority or stake in the contract, should not have the power to negotiate these rates downwards.


  1. Legal and Moral Authority


It’s crucial to distinguish between legal authority and the overreaching influence often exerted by third parties. Just because an entity is powerful or influential does not grant it the moral or legal right to alter the terms of a contract to which it is not a party. Professionals in the restoration industry need to recognize and assert this distinction.


  1. Educating Clients and Employees


Part of resisting this tyranny involves educating both clients and employees about their rights and the realities of the industry. Clients should understand the value of the services they receive, and why the rates charged are both fair and necessary for quality work. Employees, on the other hand, need to be made aware of their rights and the importance of standing up for fair treatment and practices. We have an entire e-course that will help you understand proper Client On-boarding and how to deploy it in your company to reduce your receivables by getting paid within the terms of your contract. We have clients who have experienced $0 outstanding over 20 days. Meaning… that all jobs complete were paid within 20 days when they were utilizing the information and tactics that are taught in our Client Onboarding course. 


  1.  Industry Associations


Industry associations have a pivotal role to play in this struggle. They can provide resources, support, and a collective voice against unfair practices. By uniting, we can present a united front against the pressures of external entities. Restoration Advisers is a proud member and advocate in the American Policy Holders Association (APA). We strongly encourage you to consider joining if you are a restoration contractor and want resources to provide you your clients.

Find out more about it in a video by Klark Brown

American Policyholder Association


  1. Culture of Fairness


The ultimate goal is to foster a culture of fairness and respect. This culture should be based on mutual respect between clients and service providers, fair compensation for work done, and adherence to legal and ethical standards.


As Restoration Professionals we have reached a crossroads. We can either continue to accept the tyranny of unfair practices as “just the way it is,” or we can stand up for what is right. It's about having the courage to challenge the status quo, to be disliked by those who would oppress us, and to insist on fair and reasonable rates for our services. Only by taking this stand can we hope to bring about a fairer, more ethical industry for all.

If you are looking to make this simple (not easy), we have a e-course to walk you through the ENTIRE process step by step, with downloadable resources. Get your client on boarding process fine tuned, get 5 star reviews, with payment within the terms of your contract without all the headache and “negotiations” from the carriers.

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