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Is Safety a Foreign Word?

entreprenuer goals restoration business small business Dec 11, 2023

[from the desk of Klark Brown]

Sicherheitskätzchen (You can Google that. You’re welcome)


Safety and adherence to safety 


This is not a subject that needs a lot of attention and I have written numerous articles, videos, and podcasts about them. You can search here, here, and here.

Safety matters because your team's health is important. Your health is important. Your company’s reputation is important.

When you consider the moment one day when you might hear “ Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, [insert name] will be held accountable for the responsibilities that he/she is expected in their position and industry”. 


Whether its PPE, proper standards, environmental awareness, hazardous materials (lead, asbestos, silica), heat or cold exposure, or chemicals, you are expected to know each and every complete law and standard.

Is your company in full compliance with OSHA’s guidelines? That survey can be found here. This is a wonderful way to see how you stack up. See where you are good, and areas you are lacking and make a realistic.

Guess what ?! Safety is also profitable. We don’t do it because of the profit, but we certainly should be paid for being a top-tier company.

Additionally, as a bonus….you will stand apart in your community and market because unfortunately very few understand and follow safety standards.

Lastly, once you KNOW, you can’t un-know. You definitely aren't allowed to play dumb. Your client and judges don’t accept that. 


Don’t make it a foreign word, do better and let your team know by your actions that you do put people over profits.

I am here for you. Reach out if you want to have a chat about this or anything else (trust me, too few will ask). 


Reach us here or reply to this email. 


Cheers, Klark

P.S. Let's not be these TPA Jokers

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