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Porsche in Jack's Garage

Is Growth Bought or Built?

business coaching ros systems Mar 26, 2024

Can you buy the answers you need to win?


We are asked this in some indirect way all the time. Sometimes it’s simply “just give me the answers”.


Prepare to have your heart broken slightly. It doesn’t really work that way.


A little context on Bought vs. Built idea.

This is a term used in auto racing. Specifically street racing. There is this cultural and financial divide between racers on the idea of building a car with your hands or paying a shop to build it.



I have found is when you build it, it is you. You are it. You know the sounds, the vibrations, and the smells. You have a sense that it will perform as intended and you will know how to tweak should you need to.



Bought means you don’t have any logical expectations. You expect it to be the fastest, but you aren’t sure why. You will also have a blame game to fall back on.

But you can win 1 or 3 races… but will be at the mercy of the builder for money and wait time.



Built owners are back in the garage the next day upgrading their OWN vehicle off of what they felt and know to be true.

Bought owners are relying on someone else to tell them what they should feel and what they might know.



I think business owners and restoration specialists have similar experiences with this idea.

“Can I just get the answers” means I don’t necessarily need to know why something works but I just want the results. Has this worked for you?

Then someone hands you a template, but doesn't train you how to use it. Often we will modify it beyond function, or won't use it to its full capacity.

Systems are made to work as they were built. There are flexibility points in most things, but it’s a trial and error thing.

Alternatively, if you seek a mentor/coach to help you build, you develop the business that matches your ideas, missions, and style. They will find systems that are possible for your size business, they may even take systems out that are cluttering up your process.


That’s something you can be proud of, talk about intellectually, and scale.


When I transitioned to coaching and training as a career and a business, I searched for DFY (done for you) answers. I spent lots and lots of valuable cash on what people convinced me I needed.

But you can’t teach something. You can have a guide and an accountability partner, but if you are handed a blueprint, you find out it doesn’t match your Restopreneur™ vision.

So back to the drawing board.

$130,000 and 4 years later I went back to scratch and decided we needed to build a great balance of built and bought.

A framework with intention and accountability but a zone of individuality and flexibility that wrapped around the leadership but still followed a structure.

After a year of pilot clients, multiple alterations (more to come I’m certain) we have a proven concept that has been unleashing massive results.


You can’t pay anyone enough to put it into your business hands-off. You have multiple people you are on the journey with.

Business is a team sport. No individual starts. An engineered mix of humans and systems that deliver a business you dream of.

That’s what we have.

We didn’t read a book to learn to do this. We read 1000 and we hired a coach. Priceless.

So if you are ready to stop wasting precious time and think the hard way is honorable, the phones and email inbox are ready.

Apply today and see if this is the fast as f*ck Porsche in Jack's garage that makes you feel undefeatable and let’s build it.

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