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Design Your Business to Run Itself

business coaching disaster restoration business restoration coaching small business Feb 05, 2024


Are you an entrepreneur who dreams of being your own boss, making the money you deserve, and living life on your own terms?


you are not alone.  Most Resto-preneurs™️ start their businesses with these aspirations in mind.


Unfortunately, we find ourselves caught up in the daily grind, putting out fires, answering endless questions, and struggling to maintain cash flow.


Mike Michalowicz's book, "Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself," was the basis of a lesson in our R[OS] program recently. The book and the lesson offers a solution to this common problem. 


Let's explore three key concepts from the book: 

  • The Big Bang
  • Big Promise
  • Queen Bee Role (QBR).


The Big Bang


Imagine the moment when the universe was born, a colossal explosion that set in motion the creation of galaxies, stars, and planets. This cataclysmic event is known as the Big Bang. In the context of "Clockwork," the Big Bang represents a similar transformative moment for your business.


The Big Bang in your business occurs when you take the crucial step of systematizing and automating tasks. It's about creating systems and processes that allow your business to run smoothly without your constant intervention. Just as the universe continued to evolve and expand after the Big Bang, your business can grow and thrive when you 


free yourself from the day-to-day grind.


Mike Michalowicz emphasizes that achieving the Big Bang is not about working harder; it's about working smarter. By identifying repetitive tasks and developing efficient systems to handle them, you can free up your time and energy for more strategic activities.


The Big Promise


The Big Promise is a concept that ties closely to the Big Bang. It involves making a commitment to your customers, employees, and yourself. The essence of the Big Promise is to deliver exceptional value consistently and reliably.


When you make a Big Promise, you set high expectations for your business.


This promise should be a clear and compelling statement of what your customers can expect from your products or services. It's not about overpromising and underdelivering but rather about setting a standard of excellence that your business will consistently meet.


The Big Promise is a powerful tool for building trust and loyalty among your customers. When you consistently fulfill your promise, you create a strong reputation for reliability and quality.  This, in turn, leads to customer retention and referrals, which are vital for the long-term success of your business.


Queen Bee Role (QBR)


The Queen Bee Role (QBR) is a concept that plays a pivotal role in making the Big Bang and Big Promise a reality in your business. Imagine a beehive where the queen bee's role is central to the hive's functioning. In your business, the QBR represents the one critical function that is essential for your business's success.


Identifying the QBR is about pinpointing the key activity that drives the growth and efficiency of your business. It's the one thing that, if executed well, can have a cascading effect on other aspects of your operation. The QBR should align with your Big Promise and be at the core of your systems and processes.


Once you've identified the QBR, it becomes your primary focus. You should invest your time and energy into perfecting this function.


By doing so, you ensure that your business excels in its most critical area, leading to overall improvement and efficiency.


In Conclusion


"Clockwork" by Mike Michalowicz introduces Resto-preneurs™️ to a transformative approach to running their businesses. The concepts of the Big Bang, Big Promise, and Queen Bee Role are components of R[OS]™️ and a roadmap for achieving greater efficiency, reliability, and success in your restoration business.


By systematizing tasks, making a Big Promise to customers, and identifying the QBR, Resto-preneurs™️ can create businesses that truly work for them, allowing them to enjoy the freedom they originally sought when starting their ventures.


In a world where many Resto-preneurs™️ find themselves overwhelmed by the daily demands of their businesses, R[OS]™️ offers a path to liberation. It's a reminder that with the right strategies and a commitment to working smarter, you can design your business to run itself, giving you the freedom and control you've always desired.

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