S3: E13 Disaster After the Disaster with Chris Jeter

Season #3

We may come rushing in to start recovery, but sometimes....we can cause a disaster of our own. Today, we have a Chris Jeter with Servicemaster of Abeline and Midland Texas to share some fun and extremely embarrassing tales of where we made mistakes or did plan/ communicate enough to plan for avoiding disastrous outcomes. Always a great time talking with Chris and sharing stories about our errors. _______________________________________________________________________ Find your favorite way to binge our show: VIDEO- https://www.youtube.com/RestorationAdvisers PODCAST- https://www.disasterpodcaster.com BLOG- https://www.restorationadvisers.com/blog _______________________________________________________________________ Other Resources; Coaching for Restoration Professionals- https://www.restorationadvisers.com/ Online Courses- https://www.restorationadvisers.com/courses Restoration Documents, Contracts, Releases, etc- https://www.restorationadvisers.com/docs