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To-Don't List for 2024

business coaching entreprenuers motivation successful people Jan 08, 2024


From the desk of Klark Brown

Those we see driving the newest Range Rover and smoking a big fat Cohiba…might be great at what so many suck at:



Grinding through your day, working off a never ending checklist (or worse, from memory) is a lot of work. Know what else is?

A glaring reminder that you may not be leading and are simply working. Entrepreneurs don’t do jobs, they build.

They build systems, not manage people. People will follow a system (unless they won’t, in that case, they’re not a fit)

They build dreams, not just talk about WHAT they want to do. They do it.
They build a brand, not just a service company. A company people talk about, and more importantly, want to associate with. 

Yes, running around with a To-Do list keeps you busy, but possibly not successful. This variable traps 99% of entrepreneurs.

You see, you have to assassinate the bad habits, the distractions, and the lowest 10% on the team……not spend months or years trying to “shape them.” Those that want to help you grow, show you quickly.

So take this week to head into 2024 with a ferocious outlook that you WILL NOT repeat anything that you have done in 2023 that didn’t produce a return.

Know why this matters? Ready?

Because you and I both know the less you do, the more you make. 

The less of a firestorm in your head, the clearer you see. 

The cleaner your calendar, the more you are able to lead and take the curveballs headed your way.

No one expects you to be doing the most. They need their leader to build and coach. Processes and systems (like ros) that you can take and help them build their dreams. To get what they want. 

So make your TO-DON’T list for 2024. And I’ll make you a deal. 

Send your To-Don’t list to me at [email protected] and I will give you 20 minutes of my time. FOR FREE. A coaching lesson with myself or Toby.
You likely know what you shouldn't do...but need a little nudge in HOW to achieve it.

Take the challenge. Sadly I know very few of you will take us up on our offer. But, I hope you prove me wrong. Make our calendars look like the United Nations Flag –with all the colors.

So do it.

Make a To-Don’t list (3-6 things)

Send to [email protected]

Expect a call or communication to schedule your personal appointment.
See you in 2024 and Cheers!



P.S.  I know A LOT of successful people. You know what makes people able to do more?  WINNING.
When driven people rack up points on the board and crush their goals, clarity and focus occurs. They fall in love with winning and keep doing it at all costs.

So create momentum. When you feel like anything is possible… often is. 


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