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Your Core Values May not Be Strong Enough

core values restoration coaching Apr 13, 2024

From the desk of Klark Brown. No AI was used in the creation of this article


 In considering the essence of core values, let's reflect on an exemplary individual, whom we'll refer to as Mr. Donatello. Imagine him as the proprietor of a charming family-run Italian eatery, renowned for its use of the freshest ingredients and commitment to ensuring guests feel as welcomed as they would at their grandmother's table in Sicily.


Assuming certain facets about people, it's reasonable to believe that Mr. Donatello takes immense pride in his establishment and its ethos. One might speculate that over the span of 20 to 30 years, he navigated through myriad challenges to cultivate a brand synonymous with quality within the neighborhood and beyond. Such a feat invariably hinges on steadfast core values and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, often requiring difficult decisions, such as choosing quality over profitability by sourcing superior ingredients despite higher costs.


Anyone who has started a business probably has 3 to 5 core values that they have posted somewhere. On the wall with colorful vinyl stickers. 



Be your Best

Client First


All strong. All important. If the leadership and team believe them. But I can tell you more times than not…..when we visit a growing company, most of the team can maybe name 2 of these and certainly not tell me when the last time they really heard it was a major focus. Lastly, no one has been recognized for portraying them. Cute for marketing, not so impactful for culture.

But give yourself and everyone a little break. We work in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. But we could do better. 


Beneath the surface of core values lie key characteristics—distinct attributes that align with organizational missions and team dynamics. 

Consider, for instance:

  • An animal shelter seeking individuals passionate about animals to endure the challenges of caring for them.

  • The Savannah Bananas, a minor-league baseball team renowned for prioritizing fun and entertainment, might seek individuals passionate about creating memorable experiences over sheer competitiveness.

For a disaster restoration company, paramount characteristics might include:

  • A profound desire to assist those affected by unforeseen disasters.

  • A penchant for adaptability and exceeding expectations.

  • A commitment to continual learning.

While candidates may articulate these characteristics in interviews, it's imperative to delve deeper, seeking concrete examples and situational insights.
The trick here is many in an interview might say these things, but you have permission to dig deeper and make sure. Ask for examples and present situations. 



By elevating the rigor of the recruitment process, organizations can foster a stronger team culture and cohesion. Engage existing team members in the hiring process, allowing them to assess candidates during a paid trial period. This collaborative approach not only enriches the evaluation process but also empowers team members to contribute to the organization's growth.

In conclusion, while core values serve as foundational pillars, let's endeavor to delve deeper into individuals' intrinsic motivations and principles. Encourage candidates to explore and articulate their personal ethos, fostering a culture where continuous self-discovery and growth are celebrated.




We recently wrote and published a book called 41 Markers that may help position you and your company in a highly intentional cultural position.

"Who: A Method for Hiring" offers invaluable insights into assembling exceptional teams committed to shared values and goals. 


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