I think we all aspire to achieve these.

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2022

I'm convinced that 1% a day gets your there.

I'm down here in Fl and as you can imagine, all kinds of non sense is occurring.

A few things (well a lot of things) dawn on me.

It takes insane amounts of hard work, dedication and patience to build a great company.

One that matches your standards.
Fulfills that place in your heart on what you imagined.
A brand that others look up to.

I have said for years (and forgive me if I haven't said it to you):

If you stop chasing money, and chase a great organization, all you ever want will come.

All I wish, as a coach, for you is a business that's not a job.
You aren't required for its operation. You live a full life and cross off all the bucket items.

How to do it?

Hire right, train hard, pay well and get the f**k out of the way.

Simple, but not easy.

Im watching people chasing money like they think an astroid is hitting earth next week.
So they do wreckless work and take jobs they never would at home.

In 2022, with the internet.....reputations follow you home.

You are all in the right lane. Some won't let go of the reigns, but most have.

Let them squirm. People learn when challenged.

Just let go and back off. Coach from the middle.

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