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No Issues is a SERIOUS Issue

Oct 27, 2022


No Issues is a Serious Issue

A lesson on resolving issues. 

I hope 500 people stop to read this and maybe pick up one tiny thing that they aren't doing. But one person is enough.

Drop the Ego.

Do you and any selection of your team take a dedicated and focused time each week to remove issues from your business?

Sadly, most people love those partial rolls of duct tape lying around. They are great of masking issues so you don't have to face them and hold one another accountable.

That's the word, isn't it? Accountability.

We are asked almost weekly how to hold staff accountable to make sure they do what they need. That's a lot of issues in one.....but first they have to KNOW what things are expected. 

 Sound impossible? Seems like it, but it's not.

 BLAH BLAH consulting talk, big ideas, no action. 

 That mentality is yet another mask that people tell themselves to not face the fact that issues occur To all companies large and small. 

 But ignoring them is a long-term disaster and almost certainly a sure way to run off any good staff you have.

 The truth is a very large percentage of people are generally non-confrontational. Facing issues straight up feels like a blame game. 

 It doesn't have to. Everyone in the company (especially leaders) should look at issues as small unclear things that's need a strong dose of IDS


 Dig in and find the true source, not the symptom. 


 Truly chat it up and talk openly about all the results occurring, the goals unmet, the growing frustrations and the way it will cause more issues to develop. 


Truly find a result or series of actions that need to start that day to make sure it never comes again. 

It's not personal. It is probably from someone thinking someone else was supposed to handle it. Back to everyone knowing THEIR lanes. 

 If you have few or no issues, consider the list of questions below in preparation for your meetings. Prepare for more engagement:

 🌀What causes friction? (pain/problems/getting in the way)

🌀What or who ticks you off?

🌀What could we do more effectively?

🌀What are we avoiding?

🌀What would act as a game-changer for our team/business?

🌀How could we improve our processes?

🌀What could we do if we had unlimited resources (time, energy, people, money)?

🌀Where could I (our team/department/company) improve most?

🌀What skills/competencies do we lack?

🌀Who should we work with that we don’t currently work with?

🌀What needs are underserved in our market?

🌀Where are we underutilized?

🌀Where are we at capacity?

🌀What needs to change to exceed our goals?

🌀What professional development do I/we need to grow into our future?



 Don’t suffer through a boring meeting. Push your team to have open and honest conversations with the greater good of the organization in mind.

 It’s an honor to be on a team. Every person needs to come prepared to add value, or eventually, you may no longer need them at the table.

 As an old proverb says: “If you can’t change the people around you, change the people around you.” 

 This is literally one small piece of a large web of structure we are changing our industry with. 

 Smooth, Seamless, and Collaborative companies where everyone accepts their responsibilities and depend on one another to help out. 

 People aren't all lazy, they are BURNT out and almost ready to give up.  Employees that see no change tend to seem uninterested. 

 Due to a huge influx of new clients in the last few months, we are almost unable to take on 1:1 clients....but we are building a strong group coaching environment. 

 For leaders and junior leaders. The skills beyond the restoration certs that literally change a company. 

 If you have an interest in seeing what this would look like.....reach out and we will find a time to have a call.



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