Lets talk about AIRFLOW

May 17, 2022

 The images below are necessary tools to insure proper isolation and negative pressure for remediation.







The tool on the left is a MANOMETER

  • Simple explanation, it's a device to measure pressure differential. 
  • Outside a contained area compared to another. 
  • Creating measurable pressure and insuring consistent management. 

A lack of or inadequate negative pressure status can cause cross contamination between 2 different impacted zones, which can lead to increasing project size, causing secondary damage and potentially causing health hazards to occupants. 

It is also a standard of care in remediation as provided by the IICRC. 

Without a manometer, you  are not acquiring scientific and verifiable data to adjust and monitor. 

Using manual calculations based on manufacturer "stated" equipment output, are simply not enough. These claims are without any obstructions that include filters, dense air humidity, or a number of other components. 

You need to measure ACTUAL output. 

This leads us to the tool on the right. 


  • This tests airspeed and velocity. 

You need this to adequately measure the output and performance of your equipment designed to create negative pressure as mentioned above. 

Again, trusting the stated manufacturers claims will not be consistent or allow you to make assurances and adjustments to ensure professional and responsible results. 

Make sure you and your team are equipped with the right tools and the education to apply them professionally to make sure you serve each and every client as an expert and be seen in your region as a remarkable asset. 

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