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These are so good that insurance carriers want to BAN us. 

How We Work Is How We Work

business coaching Jan 22, 2024

From the desk of Klark Brown. No AI was used in creating this article


It’s hard to sell yourself when you are not authentic. 


You will fool a few people some of the time, but not MOST people all of the time


In the interesting world of consultants, coaches, mentors, or any other label, it can become really frustrating and confusing to truly trust anyone.

When anyone providing insight or education doesn’t follow their own process or can’t go a little deeper with a story or personal experience, it doesn’t take long before that person is off to the next thing to peddle.

Fake guru’s and online influencers have diluted the quality content delivery ecosystem.


But like most things, we believe this is a phase and will evolve again. I just hope it’s not AI where everyone builds out their business plans and processes. Here is a secret: AI pulls from information online and we just agreed that MUCH of that is trash and partially true at best.

I am proud to say that at Restoration Advisers, our hands and desks are scarred with the marks of our failures and successes.


  • We owned and operated restoration companies.
  • We had experience in corporate operations and logistics.
  • Some of the team are experts at marketing strategy.  


One thing you will NEVER see us do is talk about something we are a novice at (unless we preface that). I suspect you are the same. Present your customer's options based on your experiences, the standards of care, and safety precautions or laws. Stick with those and I think trust will meld into the DNA of your brand and you will be looked up as a valuable resource in their time of need. 


Leave the shenanigans to the clowns. They are part of the circus, but only there to make you laugh.

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