Everyone is a Critic

Jun 13, 2023

From the Desk of Klark Brown (NO AI was used in the creation of this writing)


Ignore them. If you want to do amazing things, you are going to need to develop skills to shut them out. 

I recently read a blog/ article by a favorite writer of mine named Cole Schafer. Check out his work here

You are welcome. 

He wrote about a theory made popular by Hilde Østby’s lovely book, The Keys to Creativity. 

Anyway, Hilde points out the fact that at around age 6, a child begins to develop an inner critic that is manifested by outer voices. 

You see, before the age of 6, a child will draw a picture, write a poem or sing a song to anyone willing to look at it or listen. They worry 0.0% about what someone will think. They have not begun to hear from adults that it's ugly. 

Most decent people would never intentionally smash a child's imagination and cheer. 

But seemingly when school age arrives, that all changes. Other students or worse yet, teachers, start to criticize. A teacher might tell them their picture isn't the right color or the poem has too many comma’s instead of letting them simply create what they love. 

As we get into adulthood this is 100x worse. 

We are not only fearful of ridicule and embarrassment, but are constantly fed the belief that some celebrity with little to no real useful talent is worth more. 

Dreams are killed. Desires are unrealized.  

Creativity is kept in the closet, ambitions are not pursued, and difficult tasks are given up on. 

Because that inner critic is loud. Even when there is no outer voice, our internal self-doubt tells us that if we even attempt to shine, a mass of the world will cancel us and people won't value us. 

So we live a quiet sedentary life because we convince ourselves it's safer. 

In business, this leads to being a follower. Not doing what fires us up, but doing what others expect. 

We copy and paste poor examples because being an outlier takes courage. 

We proceed from sheer will putting time, effort, and money into often a losing venture. And add that we are not that passionate about its success. 

But that is the story of a 7year old. 

Roll back the calendar and pretend that you do anything you like and a jolly collection of grandparents sitting in worn recliners are smiling with pride, encouraging you, and laughing wildly. 

Keep that delusion and those inner voices will figure out you have cracked a code and stop. 

Here is where I drop what I'm passionate about. 

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