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Every Breath You Take - Music Series Pt 2

community culture industry leader leadership professionalism success Jan 31, 2023

By Klark Brown  (no AI used in this writing)



Every move you make and every vow you break

Every smile you fake, every claim you stake, I’ll be watching you

Every move you make, every step you take, I’ll be watching you


“What in the absolute HELL do The Police have to do with anything?”

Give me 6 minutes and I’ll share it with you. I think it will be worth it. 

Every Breath You Take (link to the song on YouTube) is by far the most popular song ever written by the British Trio named The Police. The Lead singer/ songwriter is Sting ( birth name Gordon Sumner).
If you want to know how he got the name Sting, reach out to me and I will share that story as well. My useless music knowledge rivals Wikipedia. 

Released in 1983, it shot to the stratosphere of the music charts thanks to the introduction of MTV (yes, they once played music videos). 

The dark and sinister lyrics immediately drew listeners' minds to the idea of a story coming from a jilted lover after a breakup. Many even jumped to the safe assumption that it involved some aggressive stalker-ish behaviors. 

Sting and the band are artists and would never try to rearrange a listener’s presumptions because, in art, it’s in the eyes of the receiver.

However, a few years ago, Sting was a guest on Howard Stern and the topic of the lyrics of this particular song.
Sting clearly felt cornered by opening up his intended mindset, but he proceeded to tell why HE wrote it.

The entire song was written conceptually around the Reagan/Gorbachev Star Wars Era.
It was a political message that we (voters and citizens) are aware you hold major power that affects us all and expect, no, demand, that you use that power thoughtfully and responsibly.

I now dare you to listen to the song in that headspace and see if it doesn’t completely make sense. 

So why does this story matter today?


As restoration professionals, we could use this song and the extremely authoritative approach across many areas. This gives our chat today extended value to help you and those you share it with.

There are parties that we, as industry peers, witness that holds some elevated stage or platform.

  • Instructors. 
  • Coaches. 
  • Educators. 
  • Committee Chairs. 
  • Standards Boards. 
  • Product and Service Companies. 


Claims are made by almost anyone and everyone.

Loud and bold promises or predictions lead to a brighter future, a bigger impact, and a better outcome.
These are important as MOST are truly intending to do what they say and the way to build support and awareness is through marketing or storytelling.

But we, as the intended audience, may need to hold others accountable to follow through on what they say. We need to do this for many reasons. 

  1. They need to be pushed because doing big shit is HARD and LONELY sometimes.
  2.  It’s easy to get distracted as leaders with all the things that they cannot do to complete the BIG PROMISE (Our Big Promise)
  3. They may be full of shit and need to be aware we see through them. We play a part in protecting the next audience so they do not inherit our own mistakes. Revisit our blog called SNITCHES GET STITCHES

With products or services, the provider owes you a result.
Whether intentional or not, they sometimes fall short. It’s a good practice to have wide-open communications to make sure they are aware of what it is you expected. The right people will adjust and deliver.


Now we are going to approach YOU (if you are a leader or manage others).
I am convinced that if we ALL put ourselves in our audience or customers' seats, we will have a far better meter in which we gauge our delivery. 

Who are you responsible for?

Being a manager is not about being a boss. It’s ALWAYS about making sure your TEAM is taken care of and has EVERYTHING they need to be successful.
If that is not how everyone in your organization views things, let’s set up a call about a small amount of coaching.

Tell this story and share this blog with your staff. The younger crowd might possibly know the song but you will need to explain the importance of the Reagan reference. 

This can be uncomfortable. Your ego might cause you to pause.
But please trust me. A HUGE amount of the constant interruptions you get are from your lack of delegation and the lack of preparedness to be junior leaders.

They still DEPEND on you too much. You should not be a SIRI for the company with questions all day.
Delegate and Elevate
Get your processes and systems out of your head.

Let them know what it means to have people below you, that give you a purpose and a position holding you accountable. 

Tell your team you ARE your Core values. Trust is what you have for them and what they should develop for you.

You will not lie

You will always do what you say

You will always put them ahead

You will always invest in them to get where they want to go. 

You will actually ask where they want to go.

Get comfortable with them Watching You 


Every smile you fake, every claim you stake, every promise you make, they can watch you.

Every Breath You Take.

This mental adjustment can be applied internally and externally




But most YOURSELF.

Own it and Crush It. 


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