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Embrace the Breakdown

maintenance restoration business restoration coaching Apr 21, 2024


From the desk of Klark Brown. No AI was used in the creation of this article


The Art of Maintenance in Life, Business, and Beyond


Everything needs occasional work
Except for Glocks and Toyotas. Those are pretty hands-off


But everything else that gets used has to be attended to.



Minds/ Bodies




And Tractors


We own a 20-acre piece of the world (well, we never really own anything but…)

We love it and it provides us with multiple things that are important to us. But that relationship requires we maintain it as well. Among the things we tend to is the mowable grass (about 4 acres). 

We tackle that with a good zero-turn tractor. We could have purchased a push mower or a below-average brand, but maintenance should be factored into the ROI, especially as you consider time and freedom.

Annually, we have some work done by a professional and then we do the routine things. These are sometimes unexpected breakages, but mostly general preventative things. We take care of the tractor so it doesn’t let us down when we need it most.

I accepted those expenditures of time and money. They are part of the picture. Some may be heard saying “It comes with the territory”. 


I presume those high-performing competitors (marathons, swimmers, and pole vaulters) expect to have some injuries and then some stretches, ice baths, braces, and rest days. Expected, right?


Airplanes? Certainly

Electronics? Sure

What about your business? Your Growth Engines?

Starting and building a business to get you towards an incredible life is a dream. But to expect that it simply opens the doors and people will come in is far too naive.

Your business will need maintenance.


The marketing plan you had, won’t work past 1.2 million.
Your vehicles will break down when you need them most.
Your knowledge of accounting needs upscaled.
You need systems and processes that will be considered preventative maintenance. 


This will continue throughout your entrepreneurial journey. If you are looking at it through the right lens….you will actually seek and enjoy the corrective measures because they are opportunities to scale and achieve more. Dopamine hits abound. 

We know what maintenance looks like. We can actually predict and foreshadow what people and businesses will struggle with, when, and what it will cost to ignore. So we developed an incredibly robust (yet not overwhelming) online e-course that will lay out a framework of where those landmines will be. We include things you haven’t even thought about yet.

Our 60 Day course will be enough to get you launched and up to a few million. By then, you will have had the time and energy to look around for what you will need next. That might be our premier coaching program- R[OS]™️

However you get through and maintain, just go ahead and accept that things break and that maintenance will be required. Welcome it and move onward. 

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