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Distractions in the Restoration Industry

Jun 27, 2023

From the desk of Klark Brown: No AI was used in the creation of this article


A big challenge in your restoration business might be distraction. And you have complete control over it. 

We live in a great world where anything you want to know is a few-word prompts away (thanks to Google and OPEN AI).

This is also paralyzing you. We think that knowing MORE will help us move forward.
Somehow we have convinced ourselves that we just don’t know enough or maybe we are telling ourselves that the results we are getting are not enough.
Do you likely feel you are seeing others online or at events presenting that they are “killing it”?
1. Stop that today because you are not them and they are not you.
2. They might not be truly as successful as you think and are also looking for new answers.

If you were to sit and perform a painfully detailed time analysis on how you spend your day, you would likely feel very self-conscious and not willing to share the results with others. 

Here are some of the vampires of your time:
[super short to not be a distraction] 

  • Social Media
  • Validation (to yourself and others)
  • Repetitive questions and interruptions from your team (this is your fault)
  • Performing low-value work (delegate that)
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
    If you are on FB or other professional social media platforms… it is important to realize these are DESIGNED to feed you ads made to provide large revenue. We support businesses. We love the hustle. But do not be a victim of growing someone else's business while avoiding yours.
    The more and more I help entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses, the more I realize that 90 % of what they need to know, they already possess. They simply don’t encourage themselves or have strong confidence in their own ability. Start asking your customers what matters to them and then build around that. Don’t ask anyone on social media. They are looking for the same answers.
    It is very likely that you are good enough. You know enough to be good. You just need to keep improving.
    Those are two different things.
    What I mean is…don’t await praise from anyone that is not qualified. You don’t need permission. It’s ok to move forward with the best you know. You will fill in the gaps.
    Failure will be a strong adviser.
    But self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt held us back from SO MUCH.
    I am not immune to this. If you are trying to do majorly BIG SHIT, it will be a little sketchy.
    Just remember this:
    - 1% will get on stage with the microphone
    - 9% will cheer those on
    - The other 90% will sit miserably in the crowd and make fun of the ones up front”
    This one stings. We are usually the biggest cause of this one. We have spent all of our time growing sales and accumulating education ourselves, and have not taken truly big steps in training and empowering. Almost your entire team will circle around you like chicks in a nest, waiting to be fed. Nor worms, but fed instructions and directions. Your team has not been fully invested in becoming self-sufficient and even guiding/supporting you. This causes an almost overwhelming restraint on your ability to DESIGN and CREATE. These are the parts of the business where new ideas, and solving large issues (not problems) that are the source of the 1000 cuts that we call symptoms. Not only is this exhausting, but it is incredibly defeating to the types that like to move ahead and break through ceilings. Stagnation causes Frustration to certain types. 
    This one is simple. Doing things that are not of high value or as I often call it, consequence. Literally small tasks that could EASILY be delegated to lower-paid staff. If you are a manager or owner, you have an hourly value of anywhere from $150-$1000 per hour. Why would you do something that a $ 20-an-hour person could do? Maybe even love doing it and do it better than us. I know I don’t do things well, that I don’t feel have a major impact. I mentally dismiss it as important and then get distracted because there are no immediate consequences for not doing it. Then later those uncompleted things continue to cause delays and new issues. Ah, the circle of tasks…..




# of hours


















After seeing this, you might think differently about who you assign and to what. Spending time to collect from carriers (instead of your client) might become a little too expensive

  1. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
    Our old buddy FOMO. Not alot to explain here. But our voyeurism into what others are doing is a major time suck. Then our desire to take the bait on Shiny New Things. Even when we likely don’t need it or what we are doing is FINE.

    Get tough
    Time Block
    Build Walls


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If you have distractions, or feel like everyone in the company is coming directly to you for guidance and direction, you might have some bottle necks in your business.
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