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We are testing out "Less is More" - What do you think?

Mar 01, 2022

We are testing out the "Less is More" approach to blogging.

There is long form. 
And there is short form (as you will experience below)

What do you think?
Let us know which one you prefer in Restoration Nation!

A project is like a meal.
The steps are the ingredients.
The scope is the recipe.
The client is the guest.
You have to figure out if the client likes spicy, salty, tangy or just plain ole fried.
It's messy
But it's the work.
You get through it.
Make up some shit along the way,
People pop in and leave,
But at the end, you have a table laid out and you are excited for others to enjoy it.

Dinner is served.
It's profound. But true.
Does your company have a proven repeatable process? Is it binary... so that anyone could pickup the manual, read the SOP, and put the recipe together?
We believe every company can become this organized. In every part of your business.
We survive on referrals.
If you aren't the decision maker, or you aren't a restoration contractor, please forward this to them!
We have programs to fit new to large companies depending on needs. 
Visit our coaching page to learn more!

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