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Core Values

Giving Life to Core Values

41 markers business coaching core values restoration coaching Jan 15, 2024


I have a tip for you there my friend. An alarmingly low number of teams and employees are passionate about your core value. To be honest….most don’t even know what they are. 


Core Values are NOT marketing assets. They are not intended to be simply made into vinyl stickers and pasted on your website/ social media.  The best way for those examples to be effectively promoted is by having your staff (and leadership) exhibit them in daily life.  


When people see and witness your character played out in front of them, they don’t even need to know what your core values are. They will be EVIDENT.

You see….we as entrepreneurs fall victim to believing that promoting things, putting them in videos with cool background music, and saying them over and over will bring eyeballs to our business. Remind yourself that everyone is doing the exact same thing.

So here is what I would recommend.

Schedule an ALL TEAM meeting. Make it a full morning or afternoon. Bring in some great Texas BBQ, sodas, Red Bull/ Monsters, and plan to have a fully interactive session with a big whiteboard.
Contact customers and share that you are having an overdue ALIGNMENT MEETING.


There are many methods to creating core values.



Avoid falling into the trap of copying and pasting what others use. PLEASE don’t ask a Facebook group. Ask yourself what is important to you and to everyone. Let the team think of people they respect and things that they respect them for. Have them write those words down. List 30-50. It doesn't matter.


Those should be characteristics that everyone has simply by being human and working there.
Pick some that you literally think that if your entire team did more of, it would be transformational.


At your core…..what do you believe in?

How many? Doesn’t matter. Don’t go bonkers, but as many as you can ensure that everyone knows and lives by. They do them when no one is watching and would call out a co-worker for not following.

Your team needs something they can hold onto like a rare Pokemon card and never be caught acting in any other way.

If you get this right…you have a team that will accept any challenge and trust you and everyone else. That unlocks a new level and you all can have the company of your dream.


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