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Disaster Podcaster

Disaster Podcaster

Hosted by: Klark Brown

A real and raw discussion on property restoration topics that vary from best practices, stories, guests, and industry trends. Each Friday at 10am


EP 11 Podcasting from a FIREHOSE !

Season #1 Episode #11

After a little over a month's hiatus to work on some business structure, we are back and in full swing. We have a few weeks or maybe a few months of content and guests lined up, so expect some incredible things in...
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EP.10 Cali Expert Syndicate !!

Season #1 Episode #10

We have a really great collection of Restoration Experts on this week's episode.  I was joined by 3 of California's FINEST.  Robert Hidajat with Blue Van Restoration @bluevanrestoration Adam Redhead. Owner of...
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EP. 9 Catching up with a STELLAR Group

Season #1 Episode #9

This week we finally had a long-overdue call with some very good friends and colleagues that I have watched create business-changing results for many restoration specialists. Stellar eMarketing is a digital...
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PLEASE....Don't Mess with TEXAS

Season #1 Episode #8

Texas and some surrounding states have encountered a completely disastrous and unprecedented event. States that are not prepared or accustomed to sub-freezing temperatures for more than a day or two dipped into...
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EP. 7 55% is a speed limit, not a success rate !!

Season #1 Episode #7

We have a really good one this week. If you are in the contracting world, it's likely you have heard of Steve Patrick. Among his many teaching platforms, he is the co-founder of Level the Playing Field on Facebook....
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EP5. Stories from the BP Oil Spill- Tiger Boom ?!?!

Season #1 Episode #5

Today we share just a fraction of the stories from this incredible event. 100million + project and it had its share of incidents I’ll tell grandkids one day
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EP. 4 No one can take your CULTURE away !!!

Season #1 Episode #4

Culture is that thing we ALL want to know exists....but it just doesn't seem to show up. We spend a little time with Nick Lambert with Faithful Disaster Restoration in Billings Montana. After being in business for...
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EP. 3 Would you need a whole brain, or a half ?!?!?!?

Season #1 Episode #2

Here we have our newest episode and our FIRST guest. We do an industry talk with Rachel Adams-Beja on MOLD, COVID's damage to our frequent flier status, and some really interesting updates. And of course a few...
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EP. 2 BONUS There is no such thing as an INSURANCE project !!

Season #1 Episode #2

That's right, you read that right. Listen to this bonus segment where we talk about the NEW successful and profitable way everyone should be operating. We do not have insurance jobs. We have client jobs and will...
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EP 1. Restoration is one helluva community !!

Season #1 Episode #1

Say what you will, but from where I sit and see....we have a huge ocean of warm, caring, and professional specialists operating here! We  jostled around a ton of topics and stories to make up our FIRST podcast, but...
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