$750.00 USD

Client Onboarding Course for Restoration Companies


the restoration industry's only course designed to teach you the skills to confidently get paid for projects based on upfront expectations

Watch this course by yourself or with your team (YES we give you permission!) and learn a client onboarding process that works!

With this course you will create a plan and implement the strategies to onboard clients effectively.


WARNING: By following this life changing course, you'll become an absolute "client-whisperer", and your customers will turn into raving fans overnight.

ADDITIONAL WARNING: Brace yourself for an influx of recommendations from satisfied clients who just can't stop gushing about you to anyone and everyone they know. Remember, though, handle all the fame and fortune that'll come your way with utmost care! 😉

AND... A Disclaimer: Results may vary based on individual effort. Remember, success requires consistent effort --and we know you have what it takes!


A message from Klark

While there are a lot of nuts and bolts, this course is heavily built around having transparent conversations without feeling uneasy or less than confident.

Klark Brown